Sunday, August 23

Botanical Illustration

In July I decided to take a 2 day Botanical Illustration workshop at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, MD called Start Drawing and Painting. It was a very interesting look into what is involved with learning the steps to becoming a Botanical Illustrator. 

This September Brookside Garden begins there Botanical Illustration classes. The courses are required to be taken in sequence as you build your observational and artistic skills. So I started a sketch journal in August and here are some of my first results. Some a little more detailed than others but its amazing what you see when you really look at something. I started with pencil and will begin to work with color soon.

Thursday, July 16

Charcoal Study

Charcoal study of Doe and fawn from reference photo I took at my father's home.

Friday, June 19

SCBWI: Bounce

Watercolor illustration for SCBWI Draw This! 

Friday, March 27

Happy Easter

Little bunny watercolor sketches for Easter.