Thursday, April 17

Here comes Mr. Cotton Tail

A watercolor sketch just in time, Happy Easter.

Tuesday, April 15

Wait a minute Mr. Cotton Tail

Delayed and belated just like spring, I finally finished this illustration and needed to before could I move on to another project. I don't know what it will be but I hope to start moving sketch ideas into finished projects.

Monday, March 31

Hickory Nut

This is a hickory nut I collected this fall from one of our Shag Bark Hickory trees. I was intrigued that the shell opened just enough to reveal the nut. While most nuts fell to the ground, some remained inside unable to escaped the grasp its shell. It's like natures little rattle. (graphite on strathmore)

Monday, February 10

Happy Valentine's

It has been a while since I've posted, this time has allow my husband and I to move to a new area, get our youngest son situated back at college for his Jr. year, attend our oldest son's wedding - to a wonderful woman, enjoy the holiday's, attend our niece's wedding, and now finally I am feeling like getting back into what I enjoy the most . . . creating art.

Monday, April 1

Cow Jumped Over the Moon - Paper Mache

I just finished up a new paper mache project. This one was created from a sketch in one of my sketch books. Two separate pieces to be wall mounted. The moon is dome shaped and painted on both sides. Unfortunately I did not get any in progress photos to share. This is a OOAK original.

The Cow measures from hoof to hoof: 8" and approximately 6" high
The Moon measures: 10" diameter and stands out from the wall approximately 5.5"

Tuesday, February 12

A Jump Into Paper Mache

I began 2013 with a renewed curiosity to try something new and I have always wanted to create some art in Paper Mache (more advanced than the creations I did for my kids). I came across Jonni Good's blog and her recipe for paper mache clay and just had to give it a try. 

This is my first attempt at creating a paper mache sculpture. I chose to do representation of one of our English Setter dogs. I enjoyed the process of trying to figure out how to create the armature for my piece. Lots of little changes occurred after I had taken some of these photos, which I hope give you an idea of my progression. 

Because this was my first time working with the paper clay, I wasn't sure how it would work. My first batch was a little on the dry side and I felt quite clumsy with it. So I mixed a new batch that was a lot more smoother to work with. As I added the clay to my base, I liked the rough texture I was getting with my inexperience using it and decided to keep it that way. I made his collar out of a strip of paper and fashioned the metal clasp and o-ring with my armature wire, then slipped it around his neck just like a real collar. It is a free-standing sculpture and I painted it to resemble a bronzed sculpture. 

I am excited to create another paper mache project and plan to use the paper mache clay along with the traditional method of paper mache. I like that the paper mache clay dries to a nice hard finish. 

Sculpture size: 9-1/2" (tail to nose); 9-1/2" high