Sunday, February 22

Winter Discovery

Getting back into the swing of things this year I just brought to life a children's sketch that relates to the joy of playing outside in the cold winter months and finding new discoveries.

Wednesday, September 10

Still Life - Beets

Beets painted in acrylics on strathmore illustration board.

Over all I am please with the way it turned out, however, I need to try harder to capture a more realistic green. My scanner tends to over saturate but the greens could use improvement.

Sunday, June 8


A watercolor study working on form and depth. Long way to go.

Thursday, April 17

Here comes Mr. Cotton Tail

A watercolor sketch just in time, Happy Easter.

Tuesday, April 15

Wait a minute Mr. Cotton Tail

Delayed and belated just like spring, I finally finished this illustration and needed to before could I move on to another project. I don't know what it will be but I hope to start moving sketch ideas into finished projects.

Monday, March 31

Hickory Nut

This is a hickory nut I collected this fall from one of our Shag Bark Hickory trees. I was intrigued that the shell opened just enough to reveal the nut. While most nuts fell to the ground, some remained inside unable to escaped the grasp its shell. It's like natures little rattle. (graphite on strathmore)