Wednesday, February 3

Sneak Peek

I've been busily working on new art for my portfolio, here is just a little peek so far.

Tuesday, January 19

Preping for the new

Well after challenging myself to a detailed botanical illustration "Stick and Stone" in my previous post, I think I am ready to dig into new work geared toward my children's illustration portfolio. I will be attending the Annual MD/DE/WV SCBWI Conference in March and signed up for the portfolio review, now this is challenging myself.

The image above is a snipet of one out of 4/5 sequential drawings of a visual story I've concocted in my brain. I am hoping it will show my ability to illustrate consistency in character development and a mini story line. I've got a lot of work cut out for me. Ahhh! here I go.

Monday, January 18

Stick and Stone

Botanical illustration of collectibles from my walks along the C&O Canal in Maryland. A warm up for what I am really suppose to be working on... which is creating new art for my children's illustration portfolio. Time to begin.

Friday, January 8

Character Study

Preparing to spruce up my children's illustration portfolio for a local SCBWI conference. A lot of ideas and a lot of work ahead of me. Here is a sample of me attempting to capture consistency in profile views and emotion. Any feed back is always welcome.

Sunday, August 23

Botanical Illustration

In July I decided to take a 2 day Botanical Illustration workshop at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, MD called Start Drawing and Painting. It was a very interesting look into what is involved with learning the steps to becoming a Botanical Illustrator. 

This September Brookside Garden begins there Botanical Illustration classes. The courses are required to be taken in sequence as you build your observational and artistic skills. So I started a sketch journal in August and here are some of my first results. Some a little more detailed than others but its amazing what you see when you really look at something. I started with pencil and will begin to work with color soon.