Sunday, August 21

White Oak Acorn

I've completed my drawing of the White Oak Acorn, done in graphite on hot press watercolor paper. I really enjoyed working on this piece because it was something I collected on one of my walks and fell in love with the shapes.

Need to get a high quality scan and consider framing options to hang on my wall or to sell.

Wednesday, August 10

Acorn Botanical Drawing

I've began a new drawing of an acorn with dried leaves. Above shows some progression. The base it is sitting on hopefully won't be as challenging as the leaves but I think it is turning out pretty good. There is still a lot of fine tuning to do once I get the whole image together.

Wednesday, May 18

Botanical Illustration: Onion

A new botanical illustration of an onion. I do apologize for the not so great photography here. I think my initial sketch seems a bit more interesting than the final (that may also be due to the low quality photo). However, this was a lot of fun to paint, I hope it looks realistic enough.

Watercolor flowers on gessoed paper

Today I was playing with watercolor on gessoed paper. I loved the texture that the gesso created but I'm not sure it shows up well in this image. I made up the flower cluster and then did some poppies, buttercups and dianthus. It was fun being a little more loose with the watercolor and drawing/painting directly with the brush. I will definitely be doing more of this.

Wednesday, April 27

Reconnecting with my sketchbook

 The Paw Paw tree was a new discovery for me while walking along the C&O Canal in Maryland. The flower buds are a deep maroonish color with bright green leaves. The Washington County Cooperative Extension help to identify the plant for me and they also mentioned the tree bears a large edible fruit and that this is the host plant for the Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly. I've never seen one before until my next walk and they are simply beautiful butterflies! With black and white wings and a distinctive magenta spot on the lower part to the wing. There may be other varieties of them I'm not sure, however, that is the one I encountered.

I will try to collect another tree branch to try and replicate the color of the flower and it would be nice to to a full illustration of the branch and butterfly. Spring is slipping by fast so I am running out of time.

These pods I grabbed off a bank near where I walk back in March I believe. Left over remnants of fall. Their shape fascinated me and the seeds inside are like little winged bugs. I think it will make a good composition for a graphite drawing, hopefully sometime soon.