Tuesday, February 12

A Jump Into Paper Mache

I began 2013 with a renewed curiosity to try something new and I have always wanted to create some art in Paper Mache (more advanced than the creations I did for my kids). I came across Jonni Good's blog http://ultimatepapermache.com/ and her recipe for paper mache clay and just had to give it a try. 

This is my first attempt at creating a paper mache sculpture. I chose to do representation of one of our English Setter dogs. I enjoyed the process of trying to figure out how to create the armature for my piece. Lots of little changes occurred after I had taken some of these photos, which I hope give you an idea of my progression. 

Because this was my first time working with the paper clay, I wasn't sure how it would work. My first batch was a little on the dry side and I felt quite clumsy with it. So I mixed a new batch that was a lot more smoother to work with. As I added the clay to my base, I liked the rough texture I was getting with my inexperience using it and decided to keep it that way. I made his collar out of a strip of paper and fashioned the metal clasp and o-ring with my armature wire, then slipped it around his neck just like a real collar. It is a free-standing sculpture and I painted it to resemble a bronzed sculpture. 

I am excited to create another paper mache project and plan to use the paper mache clay along with the traditional method of paper mache. I like that the paper mache clay dries to a nice hard finish. 

Sculpture size: 9-1/2" (tail to nose); 9-1/2" high

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Brenda Gooch said...

I jumped over here from Jonni's blog. Your dog is beautiful and so well done. Thank you for sharing your experience making him.

Brenda Gooch